Michelle Reintals Joint 2016 COSA and ANZBCTG Annual Scientific Meeting

Michelle Reintals

Michelle Reintals, is an Australian Radiologist and has specialized her practice in Breast Imaging, having undertaken fellowships at Breastscreen South Australia and observorships and sabaticals in Breast MRI Imaging at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre NYC, Brigham Hospital Boston, Curie Institute Paris and the Brussels Screening Program, during her 14 year career. Michelle has worked in both public and private Breast practices in South Australia and Australia in both clinical, educational and administrative capacities, holding the role of State Screening Program Radiology Coordinator at BreastScreen South Australia. Michelle has recently relocated to Brisbane to work for IMED Queensland Southern X Radiology as Director of Breast Imaging. Currently she is the Chair of the Breast Imaging Reference Group BIRG of the Royal Australian College of Radiologists and a Committee member of the Breast Imaging Group BIG and Mammographic Quality Assurance Program MQAP of the Royal Australian College of Radiologists and Australasian Society Breast Disease ASBD. Michelle undertook a study into MRI evaluation of PolyImplant Prostheses in 2012 in South Australia with A/Professor Michael Middleton MD, San Diego CA.

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