Alexander Dobrovic Joint 2016 COSA and ANZBCTG Annual Scientific Meeting

Alexander Dobrovic

Associate Professor Alexander Dobrovic PhD leads the Translational Genomics and Epigenomics Laboratory at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia. While at Peter Mac, he developed tests for detection of KRAS, BRAF and TP53 mutations that have entered routine diagnostics. His current lab continues the focus on personalized medicine including developing clinically relevant innovative diagnostic methodologies. His lab has recently been accredited by NATA for DNA methylation assays (BRCA1, MLH1 and MGMT) and liquid biopsy assays for BRAF and EGFR mutations. A major research interest is in the emerging field examining the role of constitutional methylation in breast and ovarian cancer predisposition. He is a chief investigator of two consortia funded by the Victorian Cancer Agency and two consortia funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation Collaborative Research Program.

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