Jodi M Saunus Joint 2016 COSA and ANZBCTG Annual Scientific Meeting

Jodi M Saunus

Dr Jodi Saunus is a senior breast cancer research fellow at UQ’s Centre for Clinical Research, located at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. She has a PhD in cancer molecular genetics and post-doctoral experience in cancer biology, immunology and molecular pathology. The translational part of her research portfolio involves developing new drug conjugates (theranostic agents and cancer-specific vaccines) to prevent, detect and treat metastatic breast cancer as effectively and early as possible. This includes preclinical testing, and a phase-0 brain imaging trial called BoNSAI. The strategic, applied part of her research portfolio focuses on understanding the molecular basis of breast cancer metastasis; particularly, how breast cancer cells ‘devolve’ and acquire the traits required to spread throughout the body. Much of her work involves molecular analysis of human tumour tissue samples, and as such Dr Saunus is involved in both local and National biobanking initiatives, overseeing operational and strategic aspects of the Brisbane Breast Bank, and serving on the kConFab biospecimens committee to guide research using tissue donated by women with familial breast cancer.

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