Andrew D Redfern Joint 2016 COSA and ANZBCTG Annual Scientific Meeting

Andrew D Redfern

Andy Redfern is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at Fiona Stanley Hospital, a translational cancer researcher with the University of Western Australia funded by the Cancer Council of WA and current clinical head of the Cancer Division at Harry Perkins Institute. He is also Medical Director of Linear Clinical Research, WAs early phase clinical trial centre, and is the State Lead Clinical for Breast Cancer overseeing services across the state. His research interests are diverse, ranging from the influence of basic tumour biology on cancer outcomes to the delivery of tailored cancer screening. Ongoing biological areas of study include; mechanisms of chemotherapy and hormone therapy resistance in cancer, EMT, breast density biology and clinical utility, tumour-associated macrophages, novel cancer drivers in high risk breast cancer subsets, and clinical implications of nuclear receptor co-regulators. Service delivery projects include; exploring the role of biology, treatment prescription and compliance in Indigenous outcomes, optimal structures of cancer follow-up, the role of mammographic and bone density in guiding adjuvant endocrine breast cancer therapy and using risk profile to tailor cancer screening. Finally he is the principle investigator involved in the design and conduct of a range of clinical trials across the phases.

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