Judith M Ansell Joint 2016 COSA and ANZBCTG Annual Scientific Meeting

Judith M Ansell

Judith Ansell has a PhD in Biomedical Science from Liggins Institute, University of Auckland. She is a New Zealand registered psychologist with a broad background in psychology (research, private practice, university lecturing) and is a Member of the New Zealand Institute of Health Psychology. In addition to her developmental research, Judith’s research includes evaluations of the PaddleOn and Next Steps programmes for PINC and Steel cancer rehabilitation. Judith has long been interested in the process of mind-body-emotions connections, having begun meditation 30+ years ago. However, it was her own cancer experience that provided her with the heightened level of empathy and understanding that has prompted her to choose this as her area of specialty. In 2009, just 15 months after completing treatment for breast cancer, she ran a half marathon on the Great Wall of China. Judith’s private practice Positive Practice was established to help women manage the effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment and to rebuild their lives positively. Her website is www.positivepractice.co.nz and she is on Facebook at @positivepracticenz and on ResearchGate

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