Oral Presentation Joint 2016 COSA and ANZBCTG Annual Scientific Meeting

The role of specialist nurses in supporting the patient undergoing neo adjuvant therapies (#67)

Janine Porter-Steele 1
  1. Griffith University, Queensland

The management of the patient undergoing neo adjuvant therapies requires an interdisciplinary approach, with each health professional having a clear and important role to effect a positive outcome not just in terms of treatment but also health related quality of life. The value of skilled nursing support cannot be underestimated as it can make a significant difference to the experience of patients and their families. Ensuring a coordinated approach with relevant, patient-specific verbal and written information combined with ongoing support for the patient and family can improve their care and alleviate some of the negative effects of a cancer diagnosis and anxiety around this type of treatment plan.   

In the context of the patient diagnosed with breast cancer undergoing neo adjuvant treatment breast care nurses are ideally placed to coordinate investigations and admissions, keep patients informed and maintain communication between specialties. This allows patients to move through the hospital system smoothly and efficiently, increasing their confidence in the specialist team. Furthermore the role of the breast care nurse is one of support in the context of ongoing emotional care and provision of effective strategies to manage treatment side effects including evidence based lifestyle interventions throughout the treatment trajectory both in hospital and in the community. This presentation will highlight the role of the specialist breast care nurse in caring with this patient group.