Poster Presentation Joint 2016 COSA and ANZBCTG Annual Scientific Meeting

Peninsula Health Cancer Workforce Development (#303)

Paula Balchin 1 , Heather Davis 1 , Tracey Tobias 1 , Seleena Sherwell 1
  1. Monash Health-SMICS, Bentleigh, VIC, Australia
AIM The purpose of the project was to utilise workforce development to prepare Peninsula Health with an up to date and evidence-based education program, enabling staff to deliver optimal care to people affected by cancer. METHOD A cancer nursing workforce survey was administered at Peninsula Health. A gap analysis report outlined the gaps between nursing supply, demand and educational needs and identified that all clinical staff at Peninsula Health (PH) would benefit from some baseline cancer education. Peter MacCallum , EdCAN and EVIQ were utilised when developing the ten education sessions; the first three were developed and promoted throughout PH and the Gippsland region. A professional film maker and photographer were engaged to record the education sessions which is available for health professionals to access via the Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS) website. RESULTS The attendance for each of the sessions varied, ranging from 23-65 people. The sessions were mostly utilised by nurses along with smaller numbers of medical and allied health professionals. Results indicate that nursing staff perceived a greater increase in their knowledge as compared to other attendees. It’s was identified that the more in-depth topics need to be broken down over several sessions. Overall, evaluation received from attendees was very positive. Respondents stated they enjoyed the content; the presenters were well prepared, sessions were informative and well delivered and that additional education sessions would be of benefit. CONCLUSION It is anticipated this will align with current workforce development programs across SMICS services.
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